Weather In Gillamoor

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 we had snow (and lots of it!!!) It layered the hole floor and it was 6 inches at Jasmines house. It was very cold and so it rained, so last night it all froze over and became really icy. People slid around on  the road and we saw one in the bushes on Harland moor. People got there Winter Wollies out such as gloves, wellies, scarfs and hats. We have got a quote from Esme she says…..

Megan says : My friend was out snow ploughing yesterday near Fadmoor.

Rosie says : Yesterday morning it was snowing a little bit.

Jasmine says : I enjoy the winter because you get to snuggle up in warm clothes.

Hannah says : I’m excited  for snow but sadly were I live there is n o snow.

Elizabeth says : I love snow. It’s epic my dad snow ploughset . in the winter so I sometimes get a lift.

Emilia says: Nice because it is magical and is like Winter Wonderland.

miss pope says: I love snow, but I have to drive carefully.

Esme says: It has been snowing lots.

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