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By Ryan and


First we got on a big bus and travelled to Malton Milton Rooms. When we got there one of the ladies introduced us to the one of the three judges called Joseph he did a performance where he read out poems then he wrote a poem with us. Then another judge came on who was called Tabitha she was an actor, she talked about how to deal with your nerves on stage it was very helpful. The last judge was called Andy Seed, he read poems and he got us to join in it was very fun. Then we had our packed lunches . After lunch it was time for the school performances but before that we watched last years winners which was Kirkbymoorside, it was very good. After that it was time for the real competition which began with z and when all the way to a . Lewis said ” I was nervous to perform on stage in front of about 200 people but I got through it and it was great we even got josephs book at the end !” Even though we didn’t win we tried our best and we had fun that’s the most important thing !!!

P Factor !!!

On Friday 7th of October the juniors went to the P Factor. It was really fun and entertaining. I really liked watching the performances at the P Factor. The poem workshop was outstanding  and we got brilliant books. Andy Seed, Joseph and Tabatha did brilliant in the poem workshop and were really funny and silly.

By Ed and Tyler.

P Factor

On Friday we went to the P Factor . we saw three people one stage which are Jo Andy seed and Tabitha . We did really good but we didn’t win . Everyone did amazingly. There was one that won and one runner up. Hannah says: I thought it was amazing and also the judges were very good one of the judges was an actor called Tabitha and the other two to were Jo and Andy and also Tabitha had some extraordinary calming things, and I loved Jo humorous personality.   We realy loved it from Georgia and Hannah

















We went to the PE factor on Friday the 6th of October 2016 it was really funny. first  we had authors doing there poems

Andy seed joseph and Tabatha doing there poems then we had lunch. lunch was my favriote of course.from Benjamin and Becky






The P.Factor

Hi  Katie and Alice hear we are going to tell you about the p. factor because gillamoor school went to the p. factor on Friday the 7th of October and no Katie will tell you a bit about the p. factor [hope you enjoy].HI Katie here I thought that the p. factor was really fun and the judges have written really good poems I loved the p. factor now Alice is going to tell you a bit about what she really liked about the p. factor I thought that all the schools tried there best which was really good  all though we did not come first I thought we still tried our best and our performance was really good and all of the other schools were to but this year I know that we did not deserve to win but next year I think might be our year. but my favourites author was really hard to choose from but mine was Andy seed because he is just so good at writing so many good books and then there was Joseph.




P Factor

On Friday 7th of October the jouniors attended to the P Factor at the Milton rooms in Molton. The P Factor is like the X Factor but instead of singing people perform poems and act and we get to use costumes and instead of it going on for lots and lots of days it only lasts for one. Andy seed is a author and he writes poems, he is the person who created the P Factor like Simon Cowell created the X Factor. It was very good and we all in enjoyed it. Before everyone preformed 3 authors named Tabatha, Joe and Andy seed all went on stage and told us some poems and told us  different stratagies on how to write poems and what to do when you are nervous and are scared of going up on stage and preforming. some of the poems were about food, Some of them were about Alice in wonderland. The people who did the performance for Gillamoor were Jasmine, Elizabeth, Laura and Lewis.