My Last Week.

It is my last week and I’m feeling quite unusual so the reason for this is that I have watched everyone leave and now it’s my time. Wow is all I can say, well I’ll  say is I’ll miss you. Please come to the leavers assembly  on Thursday 20th at 2 o’clock in Gillamoor church just down the road from us. It would mean the world to to us.

Preston Park.

Onthe 27th of June we went to Preston Park, it was really fun, i think everyone liked it that went i will list what people thought about Preston Park.

Elisabeth said’, It was interesting and she liked the victorian.’ street.

Esme said Looking around the mueseum part was very interesting.

Tyler said he liked finding bugs.

Alice said she really liked the victorian street and it was really fun to go, she hopes to go again.

Mooie said She liked look down victorian street because it was very interesting and you learnt alot.

Jasmine said she really enjoyed the mueseum.

Thank you for reading this that I typed up.

Thank you

By Megan.

Slingsby School and Gillamoor School

On Thursday 13th of July Slingsby School came to Gillamoor. First of all we split into two groups and one group went with Miss Pope and one went with Mr Smith from Slingsby.  We had a very good day and we made lots of new friends. In the morning we wrote Limericks that we wrote and made up ourselves. I was in a group with two boys called Tom and Andrew. We worked together to make up a limerick, so we all made one ourselves and then we combined  them together to make one limerick. I liked them both and they were very friendly and helpful. In the afternoon we played a rounders  match and we won the match with 5 to 3 rounders. Over all it was a fantastic day and we all want to do it again.

Forest schools

forest schools it was so fun we did lots first we stayed  In the classroom and looked at some photos. It was so fun !! After we did that we told Cathy are names. Then we went out in the woods the next week. we made popcorn , camp fires and a hospital for people.

Gillamoor and Slinsbe

On Tuesday 13th July 2017 Slinsbe school came to are school but the restapshen , ones, twos and threes went  to slinsbe. So the fours ,fives and sixs from slinsbe came to are school first we were split into two grops and did some pomes and in the after lunch we played rounders.


On the 27th June we went to Preston park Museum. It was so fun and we went on a nature trail and we found lots of slugs and snails. After that we drew some bugs than we had lunch when we had lunch we sat on some cushions that looked like donuts. After lunch we went to look in the museum and we saw all these old fashion stuff. Then we went to a Victorian street and there was a sweet shop and we got some sweets. There was also a butterfly garden but we didn’t go in there I think it would of been nice. Then we went back to school.

Bye Gillamoor

Hi everybody, you wont get this until you go back but I wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE you have all always been amazing! Hope all the new pupils settle in well. I’m super excited for my first day at Ryedale!! See you all soon! 🙂

Hi Gillamoor!!

The day before im writing this I went on the taxi and got on the bus to go to Ryedale! But first I had to get up at 7 but 1 got up at 6:30!! then we got on the taxi and to the bus stop there were so many big people then the buys arrived and we all got on last and had to sit at the front. finally we got to the school after stopping in Kirkby. We got off and went to our form rooms and had our lessons ect. at the end of the day we went to the busses and I didn’t have a clue which one it was but I finally found it and then we got back to the bus stop we got on the taxi and went home.