A new start

The summer holidays are over now and everybody has got a new start every class has a new teacher this year the juniors have got Miss Pope and the infants have got Mrs Callan. Everbody is moving up like Minnie and Lottie are at a new school now.
Rufus says that the infants are really fun.
Jack said I really like the infants especially playing in the outside area.
also we asked some of the year 3s what they like best about being in the junior classroom obie said, “I like all of the juniours and I cant decide what I like best.”
Natalia says, “all my friends came up into the juniours so we can learn together.”

everybody is enjoying the new start

Remembrance Day for All

This Monday we have done poppys and talked about the war on the carpet.

We are all going to go to war momorial on wednesday the 11th. We are going to say prayers and two minutes of silence.

On Wednesday the 11th we hope to see some other people there. Remember the people that died in the war and didnt suvive it. Hopfully poppies will be worn and some outher people there not just us.


On  Monday two ladies came in to tell us about the Romans. They let us dress up, create mosaics and try out being an archaeologist by sorting through lots of real Roman things such as rocks, wood, bones and glass.  They talked to us on the carpet about Romans and showed us new things that were actually used. My best one was the bag which they carried salt in, it had SAL on the front meaning salt.



Years 3 and 4 went to Ryedale School to play dodgeball. Our team leaders were Callum and George, they were very kind to us and gave us some top tips. There were 6 teams. We did very well, but sadly came in 6th place. The most important thing was that we all tried hard to win and enjoyed ourselves! There were 6 balls in each game which was very challenging. Mr Mullholland taught us well.


By Hannah. N and Alice


In the juniors class our topic is disasters!On one of the walls of the classroom we have some pictures of disasters:Hurricane,Tsunami,volcano and an Avalanche.We added sentenses describing them. Mr Dean teaches us the best activities about disasters. We are hoping to go and see some flood defences in Pickering and design our own.

By Rosie and Alice

untitledVolcano (1)


junior class

now i am in the junior class i find it very fun and good and get new                                                                                          work   by  alice