On Wednesday 13th January we had a visit from Andy Seed the famous author. We asked him questions and he answered them. He told us all about some of the books he wrote and his talk about them was very funny and interesting. He wrote lots of different kind of books for children and adults and he has done lots of things we did not know about, like slipping on a banana skin and coaching three professional soccer players. he

Some of the books he has written:
Silly Book of Side Splitting Stuff (winner of the Blue Peter book award 2015)
All Teachers Great and Small
The Silly Book of Weird and Wacky Words




by Ed and Oliver

Swimming Gala

On the 15th of June the juniors went to Ampleforth swimming gala for a compatition to see who was the fastest. If we came 2nd or 1st you got a green card then we passed it to Audrey and that gained you points. Over all we came 2nd out of 10 schools. “Splish, Spash, Sposh and go, go, go!” was all you could here whilst we swam like a fish in the olympics. Then as your race drew to an end it all quietened down you could see the water glistening and sparkling. And we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Stanley for taking us there!



Gillamoor school is a place where we play lot’s of sport including Tag rugby, football, rounders, swimming, dodgeball, netball, tennis. Tag rugby we do not do anymore, football at sports club, rounders at PE, swimming on Fridays, dodge ball sports club, net ball is after school, tennis after school.


Cars 2 Game

My PS 3  is a machine that I can play games on including Cars 2, Minecraft  and LEGO Batman 2 but today I’m only going to talk about Cars 2. The game is a series of races and battle races set in different locations around the world including London, Porta Corsa in Italy, Tokyo in Japan and Radiator Springs in America and is loosely based on the Cars 2 movie.

During each race you have to try to gain the turbo boost or speed boost as well as getting more fuel (Allinol). You can choose which car you want to be – my favourite is Rouel Ca Rouel the French rally car. Using the controls you can get the cars to flip, jump, somersault, drift, reverse and more. My favourite battle race is on Free play where you don’t have to earn races you can just choose which race you want to do. The race name is Runway Tour. As well as racing you have to slow down the other racers using gadgets earnt whilst racing. You also have to avoid getting zapped by the other racers. The winner is the first over the chequered flags. My best time is 1 minute 15 for a 3 lap race.

My rugby tour

My rugby tour with Malton & Norton rugby club was at Leicester. First we were trained by the Leicester Tigers coaches. After that we went to watch Leicester Tigers play against Exeter Chiefs and they won the match. At half time we had our photos taken in the middle of the pitch. I was wearing my Leicester Tigers t-shirt we had been given after the training session. When the match was finished we went to our hotel and when we got there we got our room then we went swimming. After a long swim we had tea and it was lovely food. After a tasty meal we went to bed. After a comfy night, we swam again before breakfast. After breakfast we travelled to Hinkley rugby club and played several matches against different teams including Saints. We played for 2 hours before travelling home. It was a great rugby tour and I can’t wait to go again next year.

Kenya Call

Today we were talking to Birunda’s head teacher Sylvester, in Kenya. We were talking to him to ask some questions about the school. We asked him in the afternoon, which was 1pm here and in Kenya is was 4pm. We rung him from the school office to his mobile. Some of us asked questions such as: who was his favourite pupil and what was his favourite subject. He sounded different to what we expected and spoke very good English.

We hope to call him again.

By Ed and Zac

Pickering Flood Defences

On Monday 9th of February we went to Pickering for a trip,  to see  the Pickering flood defences and how they cope with the floods.

The Environment Agency has  a project that is called “Slow the Flow”. They have built a very large reservoir which can hold millions of liures of water and slow the river down. They are putting things in like natural dams that are called mini bunds in the woods. They are good for the envioroment and animals near by.





In our R.E lessons we have been looking at Islam.The people who follow Islam are called Muslims.We have been learning about Muslims fasting, where they don’t eat for a certain amount of time. Muslims believe in one god and his name is Allah.They never draw or have pictures of him or his Prophet Mohammed.They kneel on prayermats when they pray.They wash and take thier shoes off when they are about to prey.When they pray in the Mosque they face in the directoin of Mecca in Saudia Arabia. There holy book is called a qur’an. The five pillars of Islam are Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage.
By Georgina and Ed