SUPER school clubs

In school we’ve got some new clubs including:
Arts , Yoga , philosophy for children and language/reading. Bonjourno I do language with miss Pope on the first week we learnt Italian its a great language to learn, arrivederci!
All the clubs are fun and interesting on the Monday we do arts , on Tuesday we do yoga , on Wednesday its philosophy , on Thursday we do language and reading.
And we love them all.

A new start

The summer holidays are over now and everybody has got a new start every class has a new teacher this year the juniors have got Miss Pope and the infants have got Mrs Callan. Everbody is moving up like Minnie and Lottie are at a new school now.
Rufus says that the infants are really fun.
Jack said I really like the infants especially playing in the outside area.
also we asked some of the year 3s what they like best about being in the junior classroom obie said, “I like all of the juniours and I cant decide what I like best.”
Natalia says, “all my friends came up into the juniours so we can learn together.”

everybody is enjoying the new start

Super Sumdog

Lately we have entered a Sumdog competition. You have to play lots of games and answer quick fire questions. We have all been playing games over the past week [14-18 of March] The competition finishes soon so I encourage you to play the fun games at home. You can play with school mates and see who is the best and teach your animal tricks and personalise your house. With the great range of games everyone can learn something new [you to adults]. At the minute we are 24th on the leader board which is a epic achievement because were only a little school and its national. So carry on playing and maybe we can win this thing so get on the computer and play.


Tim Peake’s Seeds

Tim Peake is on the International space station up in space.There are rocket seeds up there with him and  all the schools around the world can get some seeds and plant them. There are selections of different seeds to grow, some have been in space others stayed on earth. Also people can compare the moon seeds to our normal seeds at home or at school, also I think Tim Peake has had a very good time so far for his first time up in space.

super spike

At the start of the summer holidays i went to Thirsk with mum, dad and Charlie to see lots of different types of birds of prey. We all enjoyed looking at the great big grey owl perched on his wood in his smart silver cage. After that we went to see the flying display and because i sponsored Spike the barn owl[with a little bit of help from mum] i got to fly him on to a perch with a very heavy glove. There wasn’t just owls there, there was eagles, falcons and so many more. When i got home i wrote a poem here it is:

Spike the barn owl is really nice,
he likes to eat lots of mice,
he doesn’t like the day light,
but under the moon hes out of sight,
when the clouds are full of rain,
he squawks back in the dry barn again.

By Elisabeth Akers-Wood

liz and spikebirds of preyspike

CSI Gillamoor

On Tuesday 9th June 2015, a man called Mr Bates came in to show us a different a type of science it was called forensic science. There had been an imaginary aggravated burglary one night after school, the burglars were trying to steal some computers, but the new caretaker Lenny heard them and came to see. Unfortunately he was attacked and our job was to find out who did it! We had to find a series of clues or evidence that they might have left such as: a weapon, chewing gum, can, finger prints, blood, shoe print and broken reflector. We learnt a lot about DNA, blood spatter and samples. We found out how to collect finger prints and learnt that our finger prints are all different and never go away.

In the afternoon we held a mock court and many of us played a role. Kate was the judge and when all the evidence was given it was decided that the main burglar Jackie Jackson was to go to prison for 10 years and his helpers Davy Davis and Jamie Jackson went away for 5 years. The cleaner who we found left the window open and was part of the crime got 10 years.

The whole day was really exciting and we learnt a great deal and it encouraged us to look into being a forensic scientist or other science jobs.

By Zac and Elisabeth



year 3 tests

Year 3 have done a reading test this week and here is what they thought of it:

Alice: ”I thought it will really help us be good readers.”

Ed: ”I thought it was very challenging.”

Zac: ”I thought It was really difficult.”

Elisabeth: ”I thought it was epic.”

And we still have the over half to go.