Everybody go plant onions

All about onions.

Onions are great to have in your garden. They look like a bigger version of a shallot. When they are starting to grow they shoot out of their skin. Once you’ve planted your onions, don’t forget to water them. After that put a thin net over them letting the light still get through. The net also protects them from being harmed .  When they come out of the soil in your garden to be cooked or sold, check that they are not rotten or squashy. I’ve planted four rows with my grandma and I just can’t wait to see if they will grow

for more info go to… All about onions-the national onion association.

by Elisabeth

Learn Pads

On Tuesday 10th March we played with a new gadget that we got in school. It’s just like a tablet but it is used to learn things. They came with a cabinet that when you put them in they wirelessly charge. We found out that you can do loads of different things. Everybody had fun and leant a lot on the Learn Pads. We hope we use them again soon.


By Esme and Elisabeth.

amazing animals

On Friday the 20th of January me dad grandad and 50 sheep went to the market. There were lots of people there but twice as much livestock. They were all fluffy sheep also the highest bid was 82 pounds. The sheep walked round the ring as loads of people bided. At the end of the market we gave some luck money to the buyer of our sheep. On our way home we had fish and chips with bitter shandy.

New Teacher For Infants!

On Wednesday 11th February 2015 3 candidates A B C came in for an intaview. Our student council asked some questions with some help of Revernd Mark. After that the three teachers came in to our classrooms to look round, also they gave the juniors some tips for the 500 word writing competion.

Everybody enjoyed meeting the three candidates and  we all had a great morning. We love each one to join our school!

by Elisabeth, Lottie and Kate

Our School Dance Session

We all had a fun day at school because Miss Sarah Louise Ashworth was teaching us dance. We all had to get into partners to do dance. Before we did anything we did a warm up. 1st we made up some moves then we put them all togerther and did them with the music.We got together and numbered ourselves one and two, one went first followed by two. At the end we did a guesture dance and put it all together and then we showed the over groups.


By Megan and Elisabeth

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