Each year children attending Gillamoor C.E Primary school have gone through tests but the year sixes have gone through… SATS… A special test done by all state schools in this area. We did them months ago but only got the results earlier this week, we all did really well! It determines what level you are at on academic subjects.

Georgina and Lilli

swimming gala

All the juniors tookn part in a small schools swimming gala. we all really enjoyed it and came 2nd over all. We won a lot of our races and did really well. It was really fun swimming and once I had finished I wanted to do it all again!


Italian Pizza

As part of an Italian theme because Gaia was here, we made our own pizzas from an Italian recipe. lots of different toppings were put on including Italian cheese and salami. Mine had salami and some cheese and pepper on it and I ate it that night-it was really nice.

Check back soon for a tasty pizza dough recipe.

by Georgina

France – Ski Trip

Disappointment ran through me. To ski you need snow, right? Well there was very little of that from what I could sell from the plane. My parents’ reassurance didn’t help either. “You have to get higher up” they said.

While were in the car, driving through greener then green valleys, my excitement was subdued to disappointment. Even as we were driving up the mountain no snow could be seen. Don’t get me wrong, France is a beautiful place but at that moment in time, some snow would have made my day!

I woke early the next morning, got changed and got into my ‘very well used salopettes’ and a thermal top. I was ready, breakfasted and all by eight!

Me, my sister, my mum and my dad all arrived at the ski hire place by quarter past eight to claim our bendy thin skis that would be ours for the week. The little grey building was hardly noticeable against the colourful, jazzy shops with mouth-watering and jaw-dropping contents in the windows. My skis looked old and rickety but I tried not to let that worry me.

My mum and dad were right. You have to get higher up and then the snow’s wonderful. The fresh powder was amazing. I went through it like a knife in butter making fresh tracks for others to follow in.

Relief and happiness flooded over me, seeping into every part of my body – I was content.




Bewerley Park – 2015

Between Monday 9th March and Wednesday 11th of March 8 pupils from years 4-6 went to Bewerley Park. Bewerley Park is an outdoor activity centre which is designed to let you try out new things and push yourself. It is all about team building and working with different groups of people. Our school joined other children from Hovingham and St Hilda’s and it was nice to work wih them.

This is what different people thought of the visit:
“I had lots of fun, my favourite thing was rock scrambling as there were so many rocks. Some were big and some were small and some were gargantuan!” ES
“We did canoeing, climbing, swimming and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when we went into Tom Taylor’s Cave and when we cam out we went swimming. I got soaked and when I took off my wellies a pool of water came out.” MP
“I enjoyed playing in the rushing water and getting really, really wet! We all slept in the same dormitory!” MW
“It was great and full of adventure. As the time went on the fear was squeezed out of me.” KC
“We also made shelters at the centre. We called ours the Sticky-Stuff Clubhouse. In ours there was a really cool base covered with sticky stuff (as the name suggests) we covered it with a large tarporling.” LS
“We heard a very scary story of a man called Tom Taylor in a very dark and scary cave. After that we got into a gorge and got very cold and wet.” HF
“We went gill scrambling and gorge walking. Sometimes we got wet but we came back to a warm shower.” GE
“My favourite activity was gorge walking because it was very wet and I enjoy getting wet, but the wet suits were uncomfortable!” LB


In our R.E lessons we have been looking at Islam.The people who follow Islam are called Muslims.We have been learning about Muslims fasting, where they don’t eat for a certain amount of time. Muslims believe in one god and his name is Allah.They never draw or have pictures of him or his Prophet Mohammed.They kneel on prayermats when they pray.They wash and take thier shoes off when they are about to prey.When they pray in the Mosque they face in the directoin of Mecca in Saudia Arabia. There holy book is called a qur’an. The five pillars of Islam are Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage.
By Georgina and Ed