When it comes to winter we can’t do things like sports club and netball…

So we get new clubs! This year there are clubs on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Monday night club is Craft Club with Mrs Hugil, it is AMAZING! So basically you do Christmas Decorations and things like that and It finishes at 4:30. Tuesday night club is Yoga with Ms Stainthorpe, she is a very good teacher you learn positions like the dog, the cat, the cow, the sun salutation, and the moon salutation, and many more. It also finishes at 4:30. Wednesday club is P4C which stands for Philosophy for children, you talk about your opinion on life decisions. There is no wrong or right answer. It finishes at 4:45 so 15 minutes more than other clubs. Thursday night club is language and book club. So basically you have the option between the both of them, but book club is more targeted on the infants but juniors are welcome as well. This club is run by Miss Pierce, and it finishes at 4:30.  I personally like book club  even though its aimed at the infants, I also love craft club, yoga club, and p4c, so that’s all of them.

Sherbet Making!

On Thursday the 7th of July, we had a open evening/barbecue, we all had a stall, and me, ( Hannah), Emilia, Elizabeth, and Minnie had a stall to make Sherbet and it was amazing, lots  of people came to our stall, if you want to make it here are the ingredients and instructions:

You will need:

Two level teaspoons of Citric Acid.

One level teaspoon of Baking Powder.

Seven level teaspoons of Icing sugar.

A cup.

A teaspoon.

Here are the instructions;

  1. grab your cup and put 7 teaspoons in of icing sugar
  2. Then put 2 teaspoons of citric acid in
  3. Then put in 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  4. Mix well!
  5. And Enjoy!!!

By: Hannah and Emilia!




Forest Schools Week 3

World War One Talk and Remembrance

On Remembrance Day, Jarvis from Fadmoor came in and gave a very interesting talk to the juniors about his families experiences in the war and his knowledge of WW1.

He wore a traditional uniform which would have been worn in the trenches. He also brought some equipment from the war. This included: a rifle, bayonet, fold out bed, German bugle and rucksack sort of thing for carrying everything else, such as bullets and trench spade. Jarvis also told us about history in the wars and showed us their medals and photos.

I learnt about how they fired their rifles, reloaded and fixed bayonets, in case of close combat.

He joined us at the war memorial where he blew a whistle to start and finish the 2 minutes silence. It was very moving. The whistle was used at the battle of the Somme.



Swimming Gala

On the 15th of June the juniors went to Ampleforth swimming gala for a compatition to see who was the fastest. If we came 2nd or 1st you got a green card then we passed it to Audrey and that gained you points. Over all we came 2nd out of 10 schools. “Splish, Spash, Sposh and go, go, go!” was all you could here whilst we swam like a fish in the olympics. Then as your race drew to an end it all quietened down you could see the water glistening and sparkling. And we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Stanley for taking us there!


French Breakfast

On Friday the 15th of May we had a French Breakfast. In this event we had the choice between un croissant, un pain au choclat and du pain/bread. And drinks de l’eau/water un jus d’orange/ orange juice also du lait/ milk and last of all un chocolat chaud/ hot chocolate. We learnt lots of interesting and fun things. It was very good. We also paired up with an infant i had Becky. Everyone had a lovely day, and i think Mrs. Noble did an amazing job on teaching us all these amazing things so thank you so much Mrs Noble.


Years 3 and 4 went to Ryedale School to play dodgeball. Our team leaders were Callum and George, they were very kind to us and gave us some top tips. There were 6 teams. We did very well, but sadly came in 6th place. The most important thing was that we all tried hard to win and enjoyed ourselves! There were 6 balls in each game which was very challenging. Mr Mullholland taught us well.


By Hannah. N and Alice

Indoor athletics!

Some people from the juniors (Kate, Hannah, Lilli, Lottie, Jasmine, Hannah N and some children from Hovingham) went to Pickering Leisure Centure on Wednesday 27th January 2015. The indoor athletics competion person who taught us all our tricks was Mr Muholland our P.E teacher. I , Hannah N, did the obstical course, where we had to: first do a forwards roll, then jump over the hurdles (they were quite high) then do 10 bunny hops (actually called speed bounce) then jump over some more hurdles and finally kick off a board and run straight back. I, Lottie, did  an activity called chest push. Some people thought different things here are some :

Lilli: “It was brilliant but i wish  everyone had stayed until the end.”

Hannah F : “It was fun.”

By Hannah N and Lottie.

(edited by Minnie)

Robinson Crusoe

In the juniors we are studying a book called Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. It is based on the true story of a man called Andrew Selkirk. He had a meeting with Daniel Defoe and he started to write the story . Daniel Defoe’s real name is Daniel Foe but to sound more popular he changed it. We have written some things for this topic. Mr Dean  has read us some of the book, but it has a lot of old fashoned launguge  so he read us a different version aswell.We  are  building  some shelters for the playground. Which will be fun!

by Zac and Hannah.N

large_9780140367225 crusoe