Weather In Gillamoor

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 we had snow (and lots of it!!!) It layered the hole floor and it was 6 inches at Jasmines house. It was very cold and so it rained, so last night it all froze over and became really icy. People slid around on  the road and we saw one in the bushes on Harland moor. People got there Winter Wollies out such as gloves, wellies, scarfs and hats. We have got a quote from Esme she says…..

Megan says : My friend was out snow ploughing yesterday near Fadmoor.

Rosie says : Yesterday morning it was snowing a little bit.

Jasmine says : I enjoy the winter because you get to snuggle up in warm clothes.

Hannah says : I’m excited  for snow but sadly were I live there is n o snow.

Elizabeth says : I love snow. It’s epic my dad snow ploughset . in the winter so I sometimes get a lift.

Emilia says: Nice because it is magical and is like Winter Wonderland.

miss pope says: I love snow, but I have to drive carefully.

Esme says: It has been snowing lots.

Perfect Plants

This term we have had the topic of rainforests and in the rainforest there is plants. On the 6th of July John, kindly came in to talk to us about plants. he showed us what bees look for in a flower: smell, taste, look and many more.IMGA0330


This is the photo!!!

In one of these photos there are four potatoes and if you go and find the post called Potato Power you will find out what they do. The other picture is of the infants doing a game about the light in a flower.


On the 18th of may we may we made brooches with Miss Sanderson. we made these brooches because our topic is Anglo Saxons(we also made a typical Anglo-Saxon warrior/farmer.) We used some bits of wood, some pompoms and clip on brooch pads. We also used pipe cleaners to make fancy patterns. Some people drew on some metal and stuck it on and some people made it 3D. There is a lot of different types of brooches including radiant and long headed.


Forest Schools

Every Tuesday at school we go outside to do forest schools. This is a mixture of P.E and outside education. This also will go on for 6 more weeks. Cathy led the day and I found it very enjoyable. We found out little fun facts about nature While we were doing our team challenges. It was really fun!


On Friday the 6th there was a bonfire on the football pitch in Fadmoor. We saw lots of fireworks there was different colours and it lit up the sky. It was fun,and phil leverington brought food and drink. The curry was delicious.

The perfect way for a perfect bonfire

step 1 Build your bonfire up on a suitable premmise

step 2 Check for animals under the bonfire

Step 3 light your bonfire

now the rememberance will begin


Reading Corner

We want to thank Mr Dean’s mum for making the pillows. We want to thank Mrs Pilmoor for getting us the sofa. We all love the reading corner as it is so comfy and we can go and git there quietly and read. It also holds our draws so we go in there a lot. We all love it!

Thank you



My Holiday (Farndale Show)




I went to Farndale Show in the summer holidays. I entered a lot of things in the junior tent including my favourite poem and a painting. I went with Grandma and when we got there I found Esme, Georgia, Ruben and Hannah with Phoebe the puppy waiting til the junior tent opened. We walked round the fields and saw the cows, the goats, the sheep, the horses and even the llamas! Me and Esme went to go and have a look around the horse field and we found a fudge stall and we tried some of the tasters. They were amazing! We went round to see if there was anything else we wanted to buy but there wasn’t so we went to find the fudge stall again but on the way I bumped into Emma. We went to buy the fudge and then Emma wanted to show us her animals in cavies tent. It was quite wet but we were in the tents so

Car parking is £3 on Showfields, with Free Parking Nearby. Any enquiries on any aspe

we didn’t get rained on. It stopped raining after a bit so we went and we found out that the fancy dress was starting soon. Me, Hannah, Ruben and Georgia were sheep and Esme was the sheepdog – and we won first prize! We got some sweets and some money for winning. Next I went to the hook-a-duck and I won a inflatable hammer. It was a really fun day and can you believe I won four 2nds in the junior tent!!! 😀

Hovingham stall

On the Saturday 4th 2015 we sold braclets to raise money for Birunda school we also sold raffle tikets for Birunda school and we raised around £70 and over all we raised £170. We also sold necklaces keyrings and lots more. There were lots of other stalls there, some were selling flowers and lots more. it was really fun going to hovingham stall.We loved selling the raffle tickets and we sold a whole booklet it was really enjoyable and i would love to do it again by Jasmine and Emilia


On Friday 12th of July 2015 some of the children at Gillamoor went to Ryedale school to enter a tennis competition. First we all got told were our first match is and who we are against and how the points work. We all got sent to a court to play our first game of tennis. It was in the afternoon between 1:30 -3:00. The schools we played were Kirkbymoorside and Nawton. The year 3 and 4’s did really well and the year 5 and 6’s managed to win every match. Overall we won the competition!

by Jasmine. IMGA0480 IMGA0477 IMGA0476