Beautiful Bracelet Business

We have been making beautiful bracelets to sell and to make money for Birunda school in Kenya. They will be £2 and we can specially design and make a unique bracelet for you and your friends.


We will email or phone to say when your bracelet is ready to be collected from school. Please advise your wrist size, what colour beads you would like and if you would like a name or word on your bracelet. Call into school with the information or send it to

The children at Birunda will be really happy if you buy a bracelet and make your donation. To find out more about Birunda click here

We look forward to your orders.

Thank you

Beautiful Bracelet Business

Pickering Flood Defences

On Monday 9th of February we went to Pickering for a trip,  to see  the Pickering flood defences and how they cope with the floods.

The Environment Agency has  a project that is called “Slow the Flow”. They have built a very large reservoir which can hold millions of liures of water and slow the river down. They are putting things in like natural dams that are called mini bunds in the woods. They are good for the envioroment and animals near by.




Robinson Crusoe in DT

Recently we’ve been reading about Robinson crusoe and his life by Daniel Defoe. So Mr Dean and the juniors decided that we were going to make a den for him to sleep in. We drew the first design and did some rough doodles and then when we had picked the one that we wanted to do, we turned the page over then did a neat carefull final design . After that we started to think about the matirials and the tools we were going to use. We then started thinking of the steps. Once we had atleast got 8 steps down we could get some matrials and start measuring them out and gluing then together with a hot glue gun. Hannah F and Goergina used mod roc. Lots of other people used hot glue. We are trying get them done by next DT lesson and completing them.


IMGA0656 IMGA0655