Forest schools

forest schools it was so fun we did lots first we stayed  In the classroom and looked at some photos. It was so fun !! After we did that we told Cathy are names. Then we went out in the woods the next week. we made popcorn , camp fires and a hospital for people.


On the 18th of may we may we made brooches with Miss Sanderson. we made these brooches because our topic is Anglo Saxons(we also made a typical Anglo-Saxon warrior/farmer.) We used some bits of wood, some pompoms and clip on brooch pads. We also used pipe cleaners to make fancy patterns. Some people drew on some metal and stuck it on and some people made it 3D. There is a lot of different types of brooches including radiant and long headed.


Tim Peake’s Seeds

Tim Peake is on the International space station up in space.There are rocket seeds up there with him and  all the schools around the world can get some seeds and plant them. There are selections of different seeds to grow, some have been in space others stayed on earth. Also people can compare the moon seeds to our normal seeds at home or at school, also I think Tim Peake has had a very good time so far for his first time up in space.

Remembrance Day for All

This Monday we have done poppys and talked about the war on the carpet.

We are all going to go to war momorial on wednesday the 11th. We are going to say prayers and two minutes of silence.

On Wednesday the 11th we hope to see some other people there. Remember the people that died in the war and didnt suvive it. Hopfully poppies will be worn and some outher people there not just us.