Ryedale Rounders .

On Friday the  8th of July 2016 we – the 2 year 6s – went to Ryedale for a transition day. But unlike all the other transition days this one was sporty and we played rounders in our houses. But our houses were to big. So we split them up into groups of 7 or 8.

It was an amazing opportunity to mix in our houses and talked to other people, we haven’t met, as a team.

Minnie says: “It was a amazing opportunity to meet new people and work as a team, I had lots of fun!”

Lottie says: “I met lots of new people and had fun playing rounders.”

The end results were:

  • 1st- Mowbray
  • 2nd- Feversham Minnie’s house.
  • 3rd – Byland Lottie’s house
  • 4th- Rieveaux

The afternoon was great we both had a fantastic time and we’re looking forward to spending time there in September.

By Lottie and Minnie

Sponsored Walk.

On the 23rd of June the whole school went on a walk. We went on this walk to raise money. It was a really sunny day which would be good for a short walk but we were doing a 5 and a 1/2 MILE walk. It was really fun and a perfect day for doing it. We all left the school at 10 o’clock  but this year we split up you could either do the long walk or the short. I did the long and we walked to Kirby Moor side. I was very impressed. Soon it was dinner. We ate it at  Jane’s. We all had a pack lunch and sat on the grass and ate it. Soon after we had a game of rounder. My team won.

Then we walked the way back to school. Once we got back Mr Dean gave us all a Twister ice lolly they were scrumptious.

Overall we all had a great day.

Crucial Crew

Tuesday the 14th of June the year 6s went to Scarborough to learn how to be safe.

Once we got to the place there were a lot of rooms and in each one of them there was a different scenario. Each scenario got showed and then we had to act like we would if we were in that situation.

Overall the day was brilliant I really enjoyed it.

The Jungle Book.

One day in the holiday me, Simmy and Izzy went to the cinema to see Jungle book-the new one. It was really good and still had some of the amazing songs from the old one. My favourite character is Baloo  the bear. Although he was a lot different to I remember. It was definatly a movie worth watching. After that we needed to go to Morrison’s to shop and I got some really cool sunglasses and a hat. It was practically lunch time-maybe past- so we had lunch there. I had scampi and chips with a side of tarter sauce and peas. It was so nice. I really enjoyed it. And after that break i’m ready to go back to school for another busy time.

Ryedale school.

Yesterday- the 19/5/16- the year 6s went to Ryedale school for a literacy day. Although we did do a lot of colouring in – I wish that’s what you would normally do there. But that’s not going to happen. Also while we were there we had our lunch, here’s a bit of maths: LUNCH=GREAT. We both had half a cheese Panini. Minnie also had a flavoured water to drink. Did she enjoy it? Yes she did. We think we are both going to settle in there and have a great 5 years coming up! We both are very looking forward to our next visit to Ryedale school.

Lottie and Minnie


On Wednesday the 16th of March  2016 some of the juniors went to Edinburgh. First we went to York train station to get on the train to Waverly station in Edinburgh. We walked to the Youth Hostel and put our suit cases in a lift. Then we got a packed lunch and went to the Portrait Gallery there was many interesting paintings there, it was amazing.  After that  we went to the Real Mary Close. It was all about the plague it was really cool and I think/hope everyone enjoyed it.

Jasmine says: That Mary Kings Close was fascinating and we learnt a lot about how they dealt with the plague.

We all had an awesome day and even better night. 🙂

The next day we went to Dynamic Earth. We got in a  time machine and went back in time millions of years to the time of the big bang. We then walked through time to now a days  on the way we saw volcanoes when the earth was forming,  dinosaurs (well at least there legs) and towards the end a massive  ice burg it was epic! After lunch we watched a video called Meteorites, as you’ve probably guessed it was about meteorites. It was very interesting. Next up was the National museum there were many fastening things there my favourite room was the animal room there were lots of lively looking animals there even though they didn’t have my favourite animal it was still a good day.

Emilia says: Dynamic Earth was epic it was very interesting.

Lottie says:” The museum was really good I enjoyed the space area”.

We got back to  the youth hostel and rested our feet ,they really hurt. Today was brilliant.


Anything Goes!

On Friday 25th of January 2016 the year 5s/6s went to Ampleforth Collage to watch a musical put together by the pupils. (I think.) It was very long and the place we were in was cold but the singing and performing  was BRILLIANT!

You could see that they were very good and had practised a lot. Most of them were very clear when singing.

It was set on a boat and they all had a American accent except 1 who was meant to be the classical English character. So there costumes were very sparkly and smart. Nearly every time they came on they were wearing a different outfit.

In the interval we had yummy ice cream some one managed to get it on her eyebrow.(Not mentioning any names.)

Emilia says: It was a fantastic day and the acts were brilliant.

Esme says : that the singing was fantastic  and acting was outstanding !

It was an amazing opportunity I hope others can do it next time.

Thank you Ampleforth Collage for you performance of Anything Goes.


Kings and Queens!

This is the game!

This is the game!


Our new topic for the whole school is Kings and Queens. To learn about theses wonderful people of gory deaths. (Most of them died from someone killing them from ther own family).We have lots of enjoyment from playing the educational game called brain box. Its very intersting. We’ve also been reading about them on pieces of paper. In future dates we will pair up with the Infants and paint, pastilise or colour our chosen monarch. Also we will write fact files about them and maybe evan put on a display.We will be looking at all the monarchs since Edward the confesser.IMGA0087

Cam Models !

Our cam models are improving by the minute. Some people have already finished them and love playing with them they are very cool.

Although there was some trouble and hard work to make them they are finally being finished. 🙂

We started with looking at some models that already existed then designed some of our own. Everyone chose a final design to make and we began to make them. Different people decided to use a range of materials but they all look great.

Christmas Decorations!

Some of the juniors are making Christmas decorations to sell (it’s a glittery job.) They’ll look fantastic in your house I’m sure of it. There are a large variety of Christmas decorations that you can buy some are more glittery than others they come in:

  • reindeer
  • Santa’s
  • snowmen
  • stars
  • stockings
  • baubles
  • bells
  • snowflakes

and loads more you can pick wich one/s you want!