Harvest Festival!

On the 13th of October we had a harvest festival at St Aiden’s church.

The infants showed there hedgehogs, pictures and poems and the juniors showed there prayers, poems and lino prints and everybody sang:

harvest hymn

harvest song

and autumn days.

We all did really well getting lots of food to go to the food bank in Malton!




On the 5th of October in the after noon 2 ladies came into the juniors to tell us more about the Romans and there ways. There was 3 different activities to do:

1. dress up like a Roman and/or play a game- that was fun

2.make your own mosaic – we all got into pairs and did mosaics with marble

3.found out about Roman artefacts- we sorted some things into material categories

we all had a  really great afternoon and I think we all learnt something new!


Impressionist faces!

One day we made some pictures of our faces for the Kirby show but these were not normal faces they were half normal and half our own idea. This is how we did it:

1. we took pictures of our faces

2. we cut half off

3. stuck one half on

4. and doodled the other half

Now they are in our classroom looking very wacky and crazy.


IMGA0846 IMGA0847

my summer blast

This summer has been really fun these are a few things I’ve  done!DSCF1382

Had a pool party- I invited Hannah, Kate, Lilli and Minnie.

Gone to Castle Howard- we went a lot to the park.

Swam- I was swimming practically every day.

Forbidden corner- it was really fun.

The birds of prey centre- it was amazing.

And loads more fun and exciting things but I was fine going back to school to see my friends!


Forbidien Corner

One day in the summer holiday I went to Forbiden Corner. First we had lunch I had a sausage roll with chips they were really nice then we walked through the big mouth. I didn’t like the mouse thing where the mice sang and then a cat jump out it really scared me. I got wet but not that much and I saw the bears playing cards and one of them cheeted. I had lots of fun!



One day when the year 6s were out the year 2s came into the juniors,also we did a challenge with the juniors.The challenge was to make a carrier bag [out of paper]to carry certain things. We had two attempts in each of our groups. In the first attempt none of them worked and in the second attemt some did work but some still broke.The key is to reinforce the handles.

Bracelet Buisness!


The juniors have been making bracelts for people to buy for £2 each. Each £2 we make goes to directly Birunda School in Kenya, that we are now linked with. Amazingly each bracelet we sell will buy 40 bricks in Kenya! Mr Dean,our teacher, said that we have built a wall already and we’ve only been doing it for 4 months. We have lots of different beads and if you want one with your name on we can do that too. We make them at lunchtime every day, if we want to, and we have alot of pre made ones already and have made 50+ orders with names on. We hope you can buy one to!

by Lottie and Minnie!





The human eye!

Many of us take our vision for granted, but have you ever wondered how this fascinating organ actually works?

Light from the sun, or an artificial light, travels in a straight line, bounces off objects and into our eyes through the pupil. Depending on the amount of light, the iris changes the size of the pupil to let more or less light in. This is to prevent damage to the eyes, by stopping too much light entering the eye when it is bright, and maximising the amount of light entering the eye when it’s dark.

The light then passes though the lens. The lens focuses the light onto the back surface of the eye, the retina. Depending on how far away the object is, our lens needs to change shape to keep the light focussed on the retina.


How the lens focusses light.

A fatter lens bends light more than a flatter lens. The human eye changes the shape of the lens as we look at far or near objects to keep them in focus. This is called accommodation. When we look at a far object, the light does not need to bend a lot to converge on the retina, so the suspensory ligaments pull on the lens to make it flat. When we look at a near object, the light has to bend more to converge on the retina, so the suspensory ligaments pull less, allowing the lens to spring back into a fatter shape.

Bewerley Park – 2015

Between Monday 9th March and Wednesday 11th of March 8 pupils from years 4-6 went to Bewerley Park. Bewerley Park is an outdoor activity centre which is designed to let you try out new things and push yourself. It is all about team building and working with different groups of people. Our school joined other children from Hovingham and St Hilda’s and it was nice to work wih them.

This is what different people thought of the visit:
“I had lots of fun, my favourite thing was rock scrambling as there were so many rocks. Some were big and some were small and some were gargantuan!” ES
“We did canoeing, climbing, swimming and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when we went into Tom Taylor’s Cave and when we cam out we went swimming. I got soaked and when I took off my wellies a pool of water came out.” MP
“I enjoyed playing in the rushing water and getting really, really wet! We all slept in the same dormitory!” MW
“It was great and full of adventure. As the time went on the fear was squeezed out of me.” KC
“We also made shelters at the centre. We called ours the Sticky-Stuff Clubhouse. In ours there was a really cool base covered with sticky stuff (as the name suggests) we covered it with a large tarporling.” LS
“We heard a very scary story of a man called Tom Taylor in a very dark and scary cave. After that we got into a gorge and got very cold and wet.” HF
“We went gill scrambling and gorge walking. Sometimes we got wet but we came back to a warm shower.” GE
“My favourite activity was gorge walking because it was very wet and I enjoy getting wet, but the wet suits were uncomfortable!” LB

Power Down Pete !

On Monday the 2nd of March, power down Pete came into school to do an assembly and some workshops.

Firstly he did his assembly and talked to us about saving energy including turning taps off and lights when in use he taught us about some light bulbs can cook a chicken in 90 minutes that’s amazing! Then he went to the infants to do a workshop while the juniors did about democracy.

After all this had happened Power Down Pete came to the juniors to do a workshop. We played giant jenga but they had a label on saying either eco action, picture, or describe a word. You would take a brick and whatever it said power down Pete would give you a card and you would either do one of the three things.