Weather In Gillamoor

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 we had snow (and lots of it!!!) It layered the hole floor and it was 6 inches at Jasmines house. It was very cold and so it rained, so last night it all froze over and became really icy. People slid around on  the road and we saw one in the bushes on Harland moor. People got there Winter Wollies out such as gloves, wellies, scarfs and hats. We have got a quote from Esme she says…..

Megan says : My friend was out snow ploughing yesterday near Fadmoor.

Rosie says : Yesterday morning it was snowing a little bit.

Jasmine says : I enjoy the winter because you get to snuggle up in warm clothes.

Hannah says : I’m excited  for snow but sadly were I live there is n o snow.

Elizabeth says : I love snow. It’s epic my dad snow ploughset . in the winter so I sometimes get a lift.

Emilia says: Nice because it is magical and is like Winter Wonderland.

miss pope says: I love snow, but I have to drive carefully.

Esme says: It has been snowing lots.

Forest schools

Every Tuesday we go to do forest schools (acorn antics) with a lady called Cathy. Forest schools is were you are outside and we do:

lighting fires
making tools
chopping branches
making dens
Eating marsh mellows
making hot water
hot chocolate
Miss Sanderson made popcorn
In the woods we’ve made a den on a flat surface Benjamin lay in the middle of the den so we could build around him. Benjamin said” a pine cone really hurt his back when he lied down.
Also Miss Sanderson did a hunt to learn how to light a fire and what you need. At the forest at the top were mountains of feathers there must of been a attack with 2 birds I used some feathers to light a fire
Benjamin said, ” he picked up a duck leg.”


Agape picnic

On Wednesday 23rd of March 2016 there is going to be a picnic at Gillamoor school. It is called a Agape Picnic. It’s where we have food and people come along for the picnic also see some of our stuff we have been doing past the last few weeks. It starts at 2pm and there will be prayers and reading.

We hope people will come and some of the children will bring food you are welcome to as well it is for all ages hope you enjoy all our art work and writing. All people will sing songs if they want the pupils from Gillamoor will read out prayers and at the end we will sing a song together.

Also, there will be an open afternoon for people to see work that children from Gillamoor School have created. Time: it starts at 3:30pm – 5pm.


Tim Peake’s Seeds

Tim Peake is on the International space station up in space.There are rocket seeds up there with him and  all the schools around the world can get some seeds and plant them. There are selections of different seeds to grow, some have been in space others stayed on earth. Also people can compare the moon seeds to our normal seeds at home or at school, also I think Tim Peake has had a very good time so far for his first time up in space.

Lego Castle

Friday 14th 2016 we made a Lego castle when the rest of the class went to gymnastics it has 4 wach tower . We made an amazing castle. First we did the base for the castle which will be the floor. The order for the outside is red, yellow , blue and white and black missing a block each time. It is 11 bricks tall and the black bricks are 1/3 it has a walkway.We are going to add some  steps and things that might be in a castle.


IMGA0086 IMGA0084



On Friday the 6th there was a bonfire on the football pitch in Fadmoor. We saw lots of fireworks there was different colours and it lit up the sky. It was fun,and phil leverington brought food and drink. The curry was delicious.

The perfect way for a perfect bonfire

step 1 Build your bonfire up on a suitable premmise

step 2 Check for animals under the bonfire

Step 3 light your bonfire

now the rememberance will begin



One day when the year 6s were out the year 2s came into the juniors,also we did a challenge with the juniors.The challenge was to make a carrier bag [out of paper]to carry certain things. We had two attempts in each of our groups. In the first attempt none of them worked and in the second attemt some did work but some still broke.The key is to reinforce the handles.

Gaia from Italy

Gaia came from Italy and she is an Italian girl. Then she came to Gillamoor for 3 days and came to stay at georgina’s for a sleepover and she is a friend of georginas also she has a dog its like a labrador retriever. she had short hair and wears glasses. Gaia brought in some salami,truffle and parmizan cheese. then we made pizzas they were yummy.

by MeganIMGA0462  IMGA0460

The Plants

At Gillamoor School in the junior class we all did some planting of seeds and bulbs. Everybody said they enjoyed planting the seeds. We all got a small pot and planted some small seedlings in some special compost. Mr Dean told us to plant a seed and it was really fun. We all have our own sunflower seed as well as class vegetables such as: carrots, onions, peppers, lettuce, tomato and beans.

Check back soon to see if they have grown.


By Megan

Our School Dance Session

We all had a fun day at school because Miss Sarah Louise Ashworth was teaching us dance. We all had to get into partners to do dance. Before we did anything we did a warm up. 1st we made up some moves then we put them all togerther and did them with the music.We got together and numbered ourselves one and two, one went first followed by two. At the end we did a guesture dance and put it all together and then we showed the over groups.


By Megan and Elisabeth

IMGA0498 IMGA0491