Sports day

On Thursday the 9th July it was the annual Gillamoor school sports day.

There was lots  of different races which involved many different techniques and skills. Some of the races inluded egg and spoon, beanbag on a head, skipping and lots more. It was a fun day for children and adults alike, there was even a staff race in which we saw the slightly competitive side to some of our teachers!

By Nancy and Minnie.

Gillamoor bank!

Minnie and Mrs Noble went down to see what they are doing and how long it will last for. Here is a video of Minnie interviewing the men. And the is also some pictures to look at! (unfortunately the video didn’t upload as it was too big…) Enjoy the photos instead.

IMGA0299 IMGA0300 IMGA0303





Bracelet Buisness!


The juniors have been making bracelts for people to buy for £2 each. Each £2 we make goes to directly Birunda School in Kenya, that we are now linked with. Amazingly each bracelet we sell will buy 40 bricks in Kenya! Mr Dean,our teacher, said that we have built a wall already and we’ve only been doing it for 4 months. We have lots of different beads and if you want one with your name on we can do that too. We make them at lunchtime every day, if we want to, and we have alot of pre made ones already and have made 50+ orders with names on. We hope you can buy one to!

by Lottie and Minnie!





Mrs Noble

In a few weeks Mrs Noble is very sadly leaving us and moving on to a new job somewere. We all are very sad but hope she has another lovley job somewere else.Mrs Noble has been working in the office of Gillamoor school for at least 3 years! We all wish her the best luck at her new job! Mrs Noble is a kind,loving and very nice person, who does French with the juniors every Thursday and is very good at it! Mrs Noble is BRILLIANT! And we all hope Mrs Noble will come and visit us lots!


Human Digestive System! 

At school we have been doing about human digestive system and how our food goes from  in and all the way out and what the proses does! here is a website you can go on:

How the digestive system works:

It starts with the food in your mouth, then it goes down the oesophagus, next into the stomach, after that it goes to the small intestine, then the large intestine, rectum and finally the anus.


This is the display that the juniors created all about the digestive system!

Did you know?

1. We make 1 to 3 pints of saliva!

2. It takes your mouth, oesophagus, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, pancreas and liver just to digest a glass of milk!

3. Food stays in your stomach for 2-3 hours.

by Minnie and Mooie

Bewerley Park – 2015

Between Monday 9th March and Wednesday 11th of March 8 pupils from years 4-6 went to Bewerley Park. Bewerley Park is an outdoor activity centre which is designed to let you try out new things and push yourself. It is all about team building and working with different groups of people. Our school joined other children from Hovingham and St Hilda’s and it was nice to work wih them.

This is what different people thought of the visit:
“I had lots of fun, my favourite thing was rock scrambling as there were so many rocks. Some were big and some were small and some were gargantuan!” ES
“We did canoeing, climbing, swimming and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when we went into Tom Taylor’s Cave and when we cam out we went swimming. I got soaked and when I took off my wellies a pool of water came out.” MP
“I enjoyed playing in the rushing water and getting really, really wet! We all slept in the same dormitory!” MW
“It was great and full of adventure. As the time went on the fear was squeezed out of me.” KC
“We also made shelters at the centre. We called ours the Sticky-Stuff Clubhouse. In ours there was a really cool base covered with sticky stuff (as the name suggests) we covered it with a large tarporling.” LS
“We heard a very scary story of a man called Tom Taylor in a very dark and scary cave. After that we got into a gorge and got very cold and wet.” HF
“We went gill scrambling and gorge walking. Sometimes we got wet but we came back to a warm shower.” GE
“My favourite activity was gorge walking because it was very wet and I enjoy getting wet, but the wet suits were uncomfortable!” LB

North Yorkshire Moors Railway!

On Tuesday 17th March 2015 the juniors all went to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. We all went into a little room were we sat down, and a man taught us a lot about arches and bridges there was a semi circle arch known as a Roman arch and a gothic pointed arch and lots more. Then we got split up into 4 groups of 4 and made, with team work and discussion a bridge out of blocks. The man said that he had to do a lot of problem solving can you guess what he is? Ok I ‘ll tell you he is an engineer! It’s a very hard job and you need to be good at lots and lots of subjects such as: Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology and also lots more! This is a picture of one of the trains!North Yorkshire Moors Railway 1

The Snow!

On Monday 3rd March 2015 it snowed once again,but it was very light powdery snow.It stuck to your wellies when you walked, also if you squidge it, it became like ice and very solid! Obie said, “he loved playing in the snow!” Mum says, “she wants the snow to go and spring to come!” Minnie says, “the snow is to cold I cant wait until hot spring come!”snowby Minnie!