Too much snow!

On the 4th February  2015 our school was closed because the amount of snow. A lot of us went sledging or built snowmen,where as me and my brother Obie decided to go and  play on the slippery  trampoline, while mum made an igloo we only got half of it made though. I asks Mr Dean how much snow there was at school. “There was about 5 inches of snow at school,” he answered. The powdery snow kept on falling from about 7am untill late evening.

Luckly we came to school the next day and we got to make  snowmen, play and see all of our friends.

By Minnie


The snow in Gillamoor

For the fist time this year it had snowed in Gillamoor YIPPY! All of the children were so excited about the snow. We built little snowmen but now the snow has gone and hopefully will come back soon. The spring will come shortly. When it snowed we were all  amazed at the sight of the snow. Here are two photos of when it snowed!

by Mooie and Minnie




gillamoor school

I love gillamoor school its a really nice place to be. we do a lot of fun activities here! i loved the x-mas jumper day christmas school jumper day is were we all go to school waring a x-mas jumper for the day. we all come to school and we all endup up wearing  diffrent jumpers its great fun Santa comes to school aswell and we all get a preasent. every year we sing a couple of  carrols  to sing to Santa before he leavs.