SUPER school clubs

In school we’ve got some new clubs including:
Arts , Yoga , philosophy for children and language/reading. Bonjourno I do language with miss Pope on the first week we learnt Italian its a great language to learn, arrivederci!
All the clubs are fun and interesting on the Monday we do arts , on Tuesday we do yoga , on Wednesday its philosophy , on Thursday we do language and reading.
And we love them all.

Remembrance Day for All

This Monday we have done poppys and talked about the war on the carpet.

We are all going to go to war momorial on wednesday the 11th. We are going to say prayers and two minutes of silence.

On Wednesday the 11th we hope to see some other people there. Remember the people that died in the war and didnt suvive it. Hopfully poppies will be worn and some outher people there not just us.

New Classroom

Gillamoor Schools juniors classroom is getting a make over. We are getting new furniture equipment for the classroom.We already have a reading corner.At the moment the classroom is very messy and theres stuff all over the place.Everybody in the juniors classroom did a design for the classroom.Hopefully the classroom will be better and brighter then it was before.


Human Digestive System! 

At school we have been doing about human digestive system and how our food goes from  in and all the way out and what the proses does! here is a website you can go on:

How the digestive system works:

It starts with the food in your mouth, then it goes down the oesophagus, next into the stomach, after that it goes to the small intestine, then the large intestine, rectum and finally the anus.


This is the display that the juniors created all about the digestive system!

Did you know?

1. We make 1 to 3 pints of saliva!

2. It takes your mouth, oesophagus, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, pancreas and liver just to digest a glass of milk!

3. Food stays in your stomach for 2-3 hours.

by Minnie and Mooie

Bewerley Park – 2015

Between Monday 9th March and Wednesday 11th of March 8 pupils from years 4-6 went to Bewerley Park. Bewerley Park is an outdoor activity centre which is designed to let you try out new things and push yourself. It is all about team building and working with different groups of people. Our school joined other children from Hovingham and St Hilda’s and it was nice to work wih them.

This is what different people thought of the visit:
“I had lots of fun, my favourite thing was rock scrambling as there were so many rocks. Some were big and some were small and some were gargantuan!” ES
“We did canoeing, climbing, swimming and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when we went into Tom Taylor’s Cave and when we cam out we went swimming. I got soaked and when I took off my wellies a pool of water came out.” MP
“I enjoyed playing in the rushing water and getting really, really wet! We all slept in the same dormitory!” MW
“It was great and full of adventure. As the time went on the fear was squeezed out of me.” KC
“We also made shelters at the centre. We called ours the Sticky-Stuff Clubhouse. In ours there was a really cool base covered with sticky stuff (as the name suggests) we covered it with a large tarporling.” LS
“We heard a very scary story of a man called Tom Taylor in a very dark and scary cave. After that we got into a gorge and got very cold and wet.” HF
“We went gill scrambling and gorge walking. Sometimes we got wet but we came back to a warm shower.” GE
“My favourite activity was gorge walking because it was very wet and I enjoy getting wet, but the wet suits were uncomfortable!” LB

The snow in Gillamoor

For the fist time this year it had snowed in Gillamoor YIPPY! All of the children were so excited about the snow. We built little snowmen but now the snow has gone and hopefully will come back soon. The spring will come shortly. When it snowed we were all  amazed at the sight of the snow. Here are two photos of when it snowed!

by Mooie and Minnie