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By Ryan and

Brilliant Bath Bombs

On Thursday 7th of July we had a BBQ at school. And there was lots of stalls to make things like sherbet and balloons blow up without using your mouth or a pump. Our stall was to make bath bombs, you could choose your colour and scent. The colours were: green, red, pink, blue, orange and yellow. The scents were: strawberry, coconut and vanilla. we also made some before the BBQ and all took them home and used them. they were amazing! They smelt so nice! There was a raffle At the  BBQ  it was really really, fun!!!!!!!!!!


Weather Station Recorder

Ryan was out walking one day in his field when he found a parachute and what was left of a balloon. A few weeks later his mum found a Radiosonde which was attached to the balloon. IMGA0167When Ryan brought it into school we rang up the people who made the device to find out more about it. This is the information they gave us:

Weather station – single use (can be disposed of in the bin as normal)

They are sent up by a helium balloon 35km into the atmosphere and when the balloon pops they fall back to earth on a parachute.

The helium balloon is about 6ft across when it sets off and as it rises it grows and becomes the same size as a semi-detached house before it finally pops!

It was sent up by the Met Office site at Albermarle, Newcastle. They send two per day at 12am and 12pm. The device records air temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction. It can record temperatures of +50 degrees down to -90 which is how cold it can get 35km up!

The information is relayed back to earth over radio waves and sent straight to the Met Office super computer in Exeter. There is no data actually on the device.

The water bottles are to activate the batteries and keep them from freezing over.

The model that you found is very soon to be out of date and replaced with a smaller model which has less impact on the environment.


Great find Ryan!




On Friday the 6th there was a bonfire on the football pitch in Fadmoor. We saw lots of fireworks there was different colours and it lit up the sky. It was fun,and phil leverington brought food and drink. The curry was delicious.

The perfect way for a perfect bonfire

step 1 Build your bonfire up on a suitable premmise

step 2 Check for animals under the bonfire

Step 3 light your bonfire

now the rememberance will begin