Animals in Tuition

Today in school, to kick start our rainforest topic, we had a lady called Mags from Animals in Tuition who came in with some animals from rainforests around the world.

We met: a royal python, rats, crested gecko, giant African millipede, Emperor Scorpion and a Chilean Tarantula. It was really exciting and everyone learnt a great deal.

Anything Goes!

On Friday 25th of January 2016 the year 5s/6s went to Ampleforth Collage to watch a musical put together by the pupils. (I think.) It was very long and the place we were in was cold but the singing and performing  was BRILLIANT!

You could see that they were very good and had practised a lot. Most of them were very clear when singing.

It was set on a boat and they all had a American accent except 1 who was meant to be the classical English character. So there costumes were very sparkly and smart. Nearly every time they came on they were wearing a different outfit.

In the interval we had yummy ice cream some one managed to get it on her eyebrow.(Not mentioning any names.)

Emilia says: It was a fantastic day and the acts were brilliant.

Esme says : that the singing was fantastic  and acting was outstanding !

It was an amazing opportunity I hope others can do it next time.

Thank you Ampleforth Collage for you performance of Anything Goes.


Duncombe Park-The trees

We went to Duncombe  Park for a school trip the first we collected leaves that were on a piece of paper Benjamin worked with Oliver and Zac worked with Ed .We saw lots of gigantic leaves and some small leaves ,we did it for about 30 minutes .Then we went to collect nuts .We had a really good time at Duncombe Park.

Bewerley Park – 2015

Between Monday 9th March and Wednesday 11th of March 8 pupils from years 4-6 went to Bewerley Park. Bewerley Park is an outdoor activity centre which is designed to let you try out new things and push yourself. It is all about team building and working with different groups of people. Our school joined other children from Hovingham and St Hilda’s and it was nice to work wih them.

This is what different people thought of the visit:
“I had lots of fun, my favourite thing was rock scrambling as there were so many rocks. Some were big and some were small and some were gargantuan!” ES
“We did canoeing, climbing, swimming and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when we went into Tom Taylor’s Cave and when we cam out we went swimming. I got soaked and when I took off my wellies a pool of water came out.” MP
“I enjoyed playing in the rushing water and getting really, really wet! We all slept in the same dormitory!” MW
“It was great and full of adventure. As the time went on the fear was squeezed out of me.” KC
“We also made shelters at the centre. We called ours the Sticky-Stuff Clubhouse. In ours there was a really cool base covered with sticky stuff (as the name suggests) we covered it with a large tarporling.” LS
“We heard a very scary story of a man called Tom Taylor in a very dark and scary cave. After that we got into a gorge and got very cold and wet.” HF
“We went gill scrambling and gorge walking. Sometimes we got wet but we came back to a warm shower.” GE
“My favourite activity was gorge walking because it was very wet and I enjoy getting wet, but the wet suits were uncomfortable!” LB

North Yorkshire Moors Railway!

On Tuesday 17th March 2015 the juniors all went to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. We all went into a little room were we sat down, and a man taught us a lot about arches and bridges there was a semi circle arch known as a Roman arch and a gothic pointed arch and lots more. Then we got split up into 4 groups of 4 and made, with team work and discussion a bridge out of blocks. The man said that he had to do a lot of problem solving can you guess what he is? Ok I ‘ll tell you he is an engineer! It’s a very hard job and you need to be good at lots and lots of subjects such as: Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology and also lots more! This is a picture of one of the trains!North Yorkshire Moors Railway 1

Pickering Flood Defences

On Monday 9th of February we went to Pickering for a trip,  to see  the Pickering flood defences and how they cope with the floods.

The Environment Agency has  a project that is called “Slow the Flow”. They have built a very large reservoir which can hold millions of liures of water and slow the river down. They are putting things in like natural dams that are called mini bunds in the woods. They are good for the envioroment and animals near by.




A Grand Day Out in York

After working hard for the Autumn Term and putting on some spectacular performances the children of Gillamoor School deserved a treat. What could be better than a Christmas panto visit to York? Maybe adding on a morning at York Chocolate Story!

The Chocolate Story offered loads of chocolate history going back thousands of years. Our guides led us through a series of informative rooms, one was straight out of Harry Potter with moving and talking pictures! Many of the rooms offered a tasty chocolate treat, although some of the children weren’t too keen on the Aztec cocoa water… A highlight of the tour was making their own chocolate snowman lolly, which may or may not have made it home?  It was a great visit everyone learnt and ate a lot!IMGA0412 IMGA0410 






The juniors as a bonus treat had a quick walk up to see their Nativity scene in pride of place at York Theatre Royal (you may remember reading about it here?) Some of the staff commented how many complementary comments had been made about it from their thousands of visitors.


Cinderella at the Grand Opera House was from all the comments the children and adults made one of the best pantos the school has ever been to see. The sing alongs of familiar songs, comedy, very ugly sisters and wonderful cast made it an excellent end to a busy term. One of our young stars was even chosen to go up on stage to help in the “sing off” of Everything is Awesome! from the Lego Movie!


Howsham Mill

On Wednesday the 5th of November 2014 the school all travelled to Howsham Mill to see the mill that produces electricity to power 50 homes powered by water. At Howsham Mill there was an Archimedes screw that not only makes electricity it amazingly enough was built so that so fish wouldn’t get injured. There was a statue of a girl on top of the building named Dianna who was the goddess of hunting. This mill was originally was used for grinding corn. Over all Howsham Mill was brilliant, you should all go and visit with families and friends, it’s free!

 The infants had this to say:

Daithi: “I loved making a fire”

Obi: “ I liked baking bread”

Eve: “I loved the story around the fire”

 Remember, remember the 5th of November because that’s when we went to Howsham Mill.

 By Lottie and Hannah.NIMGA0160 IMGA0181 IMGA0185 IMGA0186 IMGA0201 IMGA0215 IMGA0223

The Michael Morpurgo Talk

On the 13th of October the older members of Gillamoor School went to a question and answer session with children’s author Michael Morpurgo. The Milton Rooms in Malton were jam-packed full of eager children waiting to see him. He talked about his life for a bit and then started answering questions from each school in great depth. The whole talk was loosely based on his WW1 book, Private Peaceful but he also talked about other books of his. His inspiration for the fantastic book was a famous museum in Belgium called ‘In Flanders Field.’ He saw a letter on the wall addressed to a soldier named Private Peaceful. He explained why perhaps his books are a little sadder than others and it made me think about his books a bit deeper. Many of his stories deep down are based on his own life, places around him and people he has met.

By Nancy