Cross Country

On the second of October part of the juniors went to take part in a cross country tournament the year three and fours went first they all did really well, next the year fives and sixes went they had a longer course they had to both go through loads of apples that had fell from the tree above even though we didn’t come first we all enjoyed it .



On Friday 12th of July 2015 some of the children at Gillamoor went to Ryedale school to enter a tennis competition. First we all got told were our first match is and who we are against and how the points work. We all got sent to a court to play our first game of tennis. It was in the afternoon between 1:30 -3:00. The schools we played were Kirkbymoorside and Nawton. The year 3 and 4’s did really well and the year 5 and 6’s managed to win every match. Overall we won the competition!

by Jasmine. IMGA0480 IMGA0477 IMGA0476


Gillamoor school is a place where we play lot’s of sport including Tag rugby, football, rounders, swimming, dodgeball, netball, tennis. Tag rugby we do not do anymore, football at sports club, rounders at PE, swimming on Fridays, dodge ball sports club, net ball is after school, tennis after school.



Years 3 and 4 went to Ryedale School to play dodgeball. Our team leaders were Callum and George, they were very kind to us and gave us some top tips. There were 6 teams. We did very well, but sadly came in 6th place. The most important thing was that we all tried hard to win and enjoyed ourselves! There were 6 balls in each game which was very challenging. Mr Mullholland taught us well.


By Hannah. N and Alice

Indoor athletics!

Some people from the juniors (Kate, Hannah, Lilli, Lottie, Jasmine, Hannah N and some children from Hovingham) went to Pickering Leisure Centure on Wednesday 27th January 2015. The indoor athletics competion person who taught us all our tricks was Mr Muholland our P.E teacher. I , Hannah N, did the obstical course, where we had to: first do a forwards roll, then jump over the hurdles (they were quite high) then do 10 bunny hops (actually called speed bounce) then jump over some more hurdles and finally kick off a board and run straight back. I, Lottie, did  an activity called chest push. Some people thought different things here are some :

Lilli: “It was brilliant but i wish  everyone had stayed until the end.”

Hannah F : “It was fun.”

By Hannah N and Lottie.

(edited by Minnie)


On Friday 16th January 2015  some of the juniors went to Rydale school to do a gym competition. We were split up into 2 groups:

Year 5 and 6:Kate C,Hannah F, Lilli S and Lottie B.

Year 3 and 4: Esme L, Jasmine F and  Emilia S.IMGA0522

We prepared a routine,but we did not get to perform, due to time.

But not all was lost as we took part in individual area and the final results recorded the years 5 and 6 came 2nd and year 3 and 4 came 4th. Also the year 5 and 6 were 0.6 points of being first. 🙂



Our School Dance Session

We all had a fun day at school because Miss Sarah Louise Ashworth was teaching us dance. We all had to get into partners to do dance. Before we did anything we did a warm up. 1st we made up some moves then we put them all togerther and did them with the music.We got together and numbered ourselves one and two, one went first followed by two. At the end we did a guesture dance and put it all together and then we showed the over groups.


By Megan and Elisabeth

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