Lego Castle

Friday 14th 2016 we made a Lego castle when the rest of the class went to gymnastics it has 4 wach tower . We made an amazing castle. First we did the base for the castle which will be the floor. The order for the outside is red, yellow , blue and white and black missing a block each time. It is 11 bricks tall and the black bricks are 1/3 it has a walkway.We are going to add some  steps and things that might be in a castle.


IMGA0086 IMGA0084


Duncombe Park-The trees

We went to Duncombe  Park for a school trip the first we collected leaves that were on a piece of paper Benjamin worked with Oliver and Zac worked with Ed .We saw lots of gigantic leaves and some small leaves ,we did it for about 30 minutes .Then we went to collect nuts .We had a really good time at Duncombe Park.



In my holiday I did lots but I will tell you about the best bit of the holiday was when

I went to turkey it was really fun but to hot for me and


My third year doing it in a row,

second  year I have finshed  it in a row , how good is that?




New Classroom

Gillamoor Schools juniors classroom is getting a make over. We are getting new furniture equipment for the classroom.We already have a reading corner.At the moment the classroom is very messy and theres stuff all over the place.Everybody in the juniors classroom did a design for the classroom.Hopefully the classroom will be better and brighter then it was before.

Captain Noah and his floating zoo

The last few Mondays, some people from Rosedale school came to our school to do some singing about Noah’s ark with Mrs Horovitz and Mrs Flanders. On Tuesday two people came to make animal masks with us, they also came on Thursday , it was real fun, everybody said they enjoyed it. On Monday the people that filled in a slip and said that they would go to Lastingham to practice, also Mrs Tweddle and some parents said they could drive some of the children to take us there . We had a practice and we did very well.

Come and see us at St. Mary’s Church Lastingham the performance on : July 10th 2015 at 6:30pm . Noah’s flower festival on :10th-19th July 2015. You have to buy tickets now, see you then! 🙂

CSI Gillamoor

On Tuesday 9th June 2015, a man called Mr Bates came in to show us a different a type of science it was called forensic science. There had been an imaginary aggravated burglary one night after school, the burglars were trying to steal some computers, but the new caretaker Lenny heard them and came to see. Unfortunately he was attacked and our job was to find out who did it! We had to find a series of clues or evidence that they might have left such as: a weapon, chewing gum, can, finger prints, blood, shoe print and broken reflector. We learnt a lot about DNA, blood spatter and samples. We found out how to collect finger prints and learnt that our finger prints are all different and never go away.

In the afternoon we held a mock court and many of us played a role. Kate was the judge and when all the evidence was given it was decided that the main burglar Jackie Jackson was to go to prison for 10 years and his helpers Davy Davis and Jamie Jackson went away for 5 years. The cleaner who we found left the window open and was part of the crime got 10 years.

The whole day was really exciting and we learnt a great deal and it encouraged us to look into being a forensic scientist or other science jobs.

By Zac and Elisabeth




In Gillamoor we do lots of subjects like : maths, science,literacy,geography,french,unaided writing ,art,pshcc,dt(design tehnology),r.e,p.e and music. But today I am going to talk about maths,maths is my favourite subject. We have learnt the grid method,column subtraction ,addition , division and multiplication.

Kenya Call

Today we were talking to Birunda’s head teacher Sylvester, in Kenya. We were talking to him to ask some questions about the school. We asked him in the afternoon, which was 1pm here and in Kenya is was 4pm. We rung him from the school office to his mobile. Some of us asked questions such as: who was his favourite pupil and what was his favourite subject. He sounded different to what we expected and spoke very good English.

We hope to call him again.

By Ed and Zac

My Holiday

On the last day of school before the holiday I went to Scotland to see my family . On Tuesday we went to Edinburgh castle, which is built on volcanic rock. We went to two beaches called  : St Andrews and St Cyrus. On Friday night my Auntie came back with us for the weekend.