Harvest Festival!

On the 13th of October we had a harvest festival at St Aiden’s church.

The infants showed there hedgehogs, pictures and poems and the juniors showed there prayers, poems and lino prints and everybody sang:

harvest hymn

harvest song

and autumn days.

We all did really well getting lots of food to go to the food bank in Malton!




On  Monday two ladies came in to tell us about the Romans. They let us dress up, create mosaics and try out being an archaeologist by sorting through lots of real Roman things such as rocks, wood, bones and glass.  They talked to us on the carpet about Romans and showed us new things that were actually used. My best one was the bag which they carried salt in, it had SAL on the front meaning salt.



On the 5th of October in the after noon 2 ladies came into the juniors to tell us more about the Romans and there ways. There was 3 different activities to do:

1. dress up like a Roman and/or play a game- that was fun

2.make your own mosaic – we all got into pairs and did mosaics with marble

3.found out about Roman artefacts- we sorted some things into material categories

we all had a  really great afternoon and I think we all learnt something new!


Cross Country

On the second of October part of the juniors went to take part in a cross country tournament the year three and fours went first they all did really well, next the year fives and sixes went they had a longer course they had to both go through loads of apples that had fell from the tree above even though we didn’t come first we all enjoyed it .


Impressionist faces!

One day we made some pictures of our faces for the Kirby show but these were not normal faces they were half normal and half our own idea. This is how we did it:

1. we took pictures of our faces

2. we cut half off

3. stuck one half on

4. and doodled the other half

Now they are in our classroom looking very wacky and crazy.


IMGA0846 IMGA0847

Reading Corner

We want to thank Mr Dean’s mum for making the pillows. We want to thank Mrs Pilmoor for getting us the sofa. We all love the reading corner as it is so comfy and we can go and git there quietly and read. It also holds our draws so we go in there a lot. We all love it!

Thank you



Roald Dahl Day

This year for Roald Dahl day many of the staff and children came into school dressed up as a character from one of the many Roald Dahl books. The children talked about their characters and the books that inspired them.

Cooking with Mrs Turner

This tearm we have been cooking lovley vegtable curry!There were lots of amazing ingrediants in it such as:Cumic powder, obagine, sweet potato, potato, ladies fingers and lots more.They arnt real ladies fingers if your worring, there just things that look like ladies fingers they are purple, they are very tasty!