In the Juniors we have been making some autobiraphy’s about our life. The sections we had where birth, earliest memory, best day of my life, starting in the juniors and family[when born]. Some were funny but some where strange too! We stuck pictures in as well. We had fun writing them too.



On Wednesday 13th January we had a visit from Andy Seed the famous author. We asked him questions and he answered them. He told us all about some of the books he wrote and his talk about them was very funny and interesting. He wrote lots of different kind of books for children and adults and he has done lots of things we did not know about, like slipping on a banana skin and coaching three professional soccer players. he

Some of the books he has written:
Silly Book of Side Splitting Stuff (winner of the Blue Peter book award 2015)
All Teachers Great and Small
The Silly Book of Weird and Wacky Words




by Ed and Oliver