Ryedale Rounders .

On Friday the  8th of July 2016 we – the 2 year 6s – went to Ryedale for a transition day. But unlike all the other transition days this one was sporty and we played rounders in our houses. But our houses were to big. So we split them up into groups of 7 or 8.

It was an amazing opportunity to mix in our houses and talked to other people, we haven’t met, as a team.

Minnie says: “It was a amazing opportunity to meet new people and work as a team, I had lots of fun!”

Lottie says: “I met lots of new people and had fun playing rounders.”

The end results were:

  • 1st- Mowbray
  • 2nd- Feversham Minnie’s house.
  • 3rd – Byland Lottie’s house
  • 4th- Rieveaux

The afternoon was great we both had a fantastic time and we’re looking forward to spending time there in September.

By Lottie and Minnie

Ryedale school.

Yesterday- the 19/5/16- the year 6s went to Ryedale school for a literacy day. Although we did do a lot of colouring in – I wish that’s what you would normally do there. But that’s not going to happen. Also while we were there we had our lunch, here’s a bit of maths: LUNCH=GREAT. We both had half a cheese Panini. Minnie also had a flavoured water to drink. Did she enjoy it? Yes she did. We think we are both going to settle in there and have a great 5 years coming up! We both are very looking forward to our next visit to Ryedale school.

Lottie and Minnie

Book Club!

This term Miss Pearce has started a book club where we come along and there are lots of books depending on what the book club topic is. Our topic this week has been based on the wild outdoors. If you don’t like the book you have chosen then you can change it to a different one. This book club takes place every Wednesday so if you want you can join. Our next topic will be on poetry.

by Minnie 

Swimming Gala.

On Friday 15th April most of the juniors and 2 infants went to Amplethorth swimming gala. Some of us did four races, some 3, some 2 and some 1. Unfortunately we did not win, but at least we came and I definitely enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well. It is a great experience and If you can go next time I would defiantly advise you to!


On Tuesday 12th it started to snow by the end of the week some places were at least  25cm  deep . Most of us have built a snowman witch was really fun! We are constantly playing in it. But we need to keep warm with hats and gloves. Everyone keeps slipping over. You need to be careful because all the ice is hidden under the snow! In Farndale and Bransdale the snow is really deep! The ice is so slippy we can sledge on it and go really fast, we keep going flying! Here is a picture of Farndale :


By Minnie and Esme




School Play Singing:)

At school we have been practising our school play songs! We have all been working REALLY hard on them and really hope you will enjoy them! There is 10 songs in the whole script, it might seem lots but with the play it isn’t very much. We really hope you will like the play and the singing:)

Hope you can all come to watch!!!

Cam Models !

Our cam models are improving by the minute. Some people have already finished them and love playing with them they are very cool.

Although there was some trouble and hard work to make them they are finally being finished. 🙂

We started with looking at some models that already existed then designed some of our own. Everyone chose a final design to make and we began to make them. Different people decided to use a range of materials but they all look great.

Christmas Decorations!

Some of the juniors are making Christmas decorations to sell (it’s a glittery job.) They’ll look fantastic in your house I’m sure of it. There are a large variety of Christmas decorations that you can buy some are more glittery than others they come in:

  • reindeer
  • Santa’s
  • snowmen
  • stars
  • stockings
  • baubles
  • bells
  • snowflakes

and loads more you can pick wich one/s you want!


Cooking with Mrs Turner

This tearm we have been cooking lovley vegtable curry!There were lots of amazing ingrediants in it such as:Cumic powder, obagine, sweet potato, potato, ladies fingers and lots more.They arnt real ladies fingers if your worring, there just things that look like ladies fingers they are purple, they are very tasty!