Mr Deans Quilt

As you my know Mr Dean is leaving to go and work in Kenya so we thought we should give him an amazing leaving present we asked for ideas and Sally Fitton came up with the idea of making a quilt. So we got to work straight away. It was very hard keeping it a secret from him and he kept asking us what we were doing so we just had to say nothing. Everybody got 9 squares to do a design on you could use triangles or squares or both if you wanted too. Sally started sewing it together and we had lots of different assemblies about it . some of us even stayed after school to work on it he had no idea what we were on about . When we gave it to him it was the open afternoon and he had lots of other presents like sun cream and sunhat and even a brick he also got a calendar with pictures of us on and a school photo he loved all and was very thankful everyone had lots of fun making it .

our quilt


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